Direct Response Copywriting

Direct response copywriting is a skill that aims to convince people to buy a product or service being advertised on a website, email, television advert etc. There are a few guidelines that have to be followed in order to accomplish it successfully. They include:

1. Know the product
Successful direct response copywriting entails knowing everything about the product or service being marketed. You should then be able to translate these features and benefits in a way that the reader will be convinced to make the purchase. You can either take a soft sell or hard sell approach with the copy. Knowing unique things about a product and creatively incorporating this information into the copy will put you ahead of the competition and therefore guarantee success in our direct response copywriting activities.

2. Proper grammar
You have to make sure that your copy is devoid of spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. This is because incorrect grammar can cause end users to develop a negative attitude on the product being sold. This means that you should re-read your direct response copywriting article after it’s done to make necessary corrections. In that respect, make sure that the sentences are short and concise, devoid of vocabularies, semi colons and other things that that make the copy complicated. Concentrate on providing the reader with the required information with the lowest number of words.

3. Solve a problem
The most effective direct response copywriting entails using the product being sold as a solution to a problem that a reader might be experiencing. This is because most people are always out to make their lives as comfortable and as fulfilling as possible. Use your direct response copywriting skills to show people that the product can solve the problem within a given time frame in a way that they will not seriously consider the price being paid. In that respect, you have to add honest testimonials and reviews from past and current users showing that the product is indeed effective and therefore a worthwhile investment.

4. Offer good deals
You should convince readers to make a purchase as soon as possible by adding things that are worth their while. Successful direct response copywriting should include things like special offers, discounts, freebies and other incentives that make readers see that they will be getting a high quality product at a very low price. In that respect, you must make the purchase process very straightforward. For instance, have them call a toll free number, fill in a simple online contact form etc. to keep them from having second thoughts. This is one of the most effective direct response copywriting skills because people like saving money on all kinds of purchases.

5. Strong call to action
You have to factor in a very strong call to action in your copy. This will prompt people to make a purchase while stocks last or before the offer ends. Words like ‘Buy now’ ‘click here’ ‘call now’ etc. eliminate second thoughts and therefore increase the probability of making a sale.

In summary, direct response copywriting is a skill that takes time to perfect but the benefits of increased sales is usually well worth the work put in.

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